The Rules
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The Rules

General Rules

1- Respect: This means treating someone how you wish to be treated.

2- Have Fun!! Real Life issues always come before rping, this is our hobby and shouldn't take over our lives.This also means that you should not constantly nag/complain or whine for others to post.

3- There is no word count. RP with as much depth as you can using proper spelling and punctuation.

4- Board Rating: Mature. We allow Graphic Violence and Course Language, Sexual Content is Fade to Black only per Jcink TOS. For Graphic threads please mark all threads with an [M] or [R] so that other members are warned before hand.

Underage sex and forced pregnancy are not promoted nor allowed. No Exceptions. This is for any and all Characters and Members under the age of 18

Serious issues such as molestation, rape, incest, and mental instability will be more closely examined due to their sensitive nature. The staff reserve the right to ask for edits or removal if we feel the issue in question is not being handled appropriately and with respect.

5- Activity Policy- We expect a Minimum of One (1) In Character post a week Per Character. Read here for more information.

6- Inactivity Policy: After 2 weeks of being inactive your character accounts will be moved to the Inactive user group and you will be sent a pm. If we have no response after the time line has passed your Face and Canon claims will be removed and put up for grabs.

-Group Threads: If after 5 days there is no reply and it is your turn, your partners can nudge you. If they do not receive a reply then they are permitted to skip you in threads so that they are not being held up

-Single Threads: If after 5 days there is no reply your partner can nudge you, if they do not receive a reply then they can request the thread to be closed.

Threads are closed per member request in the Completed Threads forum.

7- Characters and Member Groups: Because we want to keep things fair and versatile we are only allowing members to create One (1) character per team and usergroups. (I.E- you cannot play Queen Mars and Mars Knight or you cannot play 2 Neo-Knights). However we will reward active members, read here for more details.

Please Note that Canon Claims are a First Come, First Serve basis. If there are more than one app for the same role, the first one to be completed and approved by the admins gets the role.

In Character Rules

8- No God-Modding: Godmodding is "playing God" on another player's character, controlling their thoughts and actions. It is not allowed, unless you have strict permission from the Creator of said character.

9- No invincibility during fights. You can dodge someone’s punches or kicks every once in a while, but there are no invincible characters on this site so you have to take some hits too.

10- No Metagaming: This is playing Out Of Character information and using it In Character. This is not fair to your partner. No Exceptions.


- Avatars Are Present - they are to be exactly 200x300.

- Signature Size Must Not Be Larger Than 500x400; this is to ensure that images don't stretch the board.

- Play Bys are to be of Real People, Models/Celebrities only. The Animal forms for Guardians of the Realms can be Realistic Animals, Solar Guardians/Advisors are to be real animals

Warning System

I. Three Strikes - You will only be warned 3 times, for different reasons pertaining to any broken rules listed herein.

II. Suspension - You will be suspended for a minimum of a week

III. Permanent Ban - If you continue to break the rules, we will have no choice than to ban you from the board indefinitely.

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